Our trained technicians diagnose your pest problem and offer the treatment that's right for you.

We’ve been taking care of pests in rural Georgia and surrounding areas for MORE THAN 30 YEARS.

“I feel comfortable to ask any questions and know that the answer is correct and truthful. I love Bug House! ”

“Your representatives are dependable, courteous, and respectful of our home.”


The foundation of our company is our employees & they’re here for YOU.

You matter the most to us.

Each service should be handled like it's our only one.

There are no problems, only opportunities.

Professional, Courteous & Personal Service.

Our goal is to not only provide great customer service, but also protect you and your family. We strive to make you another one of our satisfied customers!

Not just bugs.

Wildlife removal, bed bug treatments, closed crawl systems, mosquitos, spiders, and more.

We live with you.

We see you in the supermarket. We’re part of your community. We’re here to protect our own.

We know what we’re doing.

We promise your tech has all the answers. He doesn’t have to call or check for answers or prices.

Pests freaking you out? We’re here to help!

If you have a pest problem but aren’t sure what to do, 
we’ve got your back – even if you’re not a customer.

Or, give us a call and we’ll answer right away!866-696-2001

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