10 Myths About Bed Bugs

10 Myths About Bed Bugs

Infesting homes, hotels, restaurants, and even vehicles, bed bug invasion has become an epidemic. As with any epidemic, there are a lot of preconceptions and misinformation. While we know that bed bugs can be frightening, it’s important to understand the truth and myths about bed bugs.

10 myths about bed bugs debunked:

Myth: You can’t see bed bugs without a magnifying glass.


Fact: An adult bed bug is about the size (and shape) of an apple seed. You can definitely see bed bugs without a magnifying glass. However, nymphs are much smaller, about the size of a pinhead. Those you might need a magnifying glass to see. When in doubt about whether you see bed bugs or not, contact a professional.


Myth: Bed bugs spread diseases.


Fact: While bed bugs can carry human diseases, research shows that they cannot actually transmit the disease to their host.


Myth: In the winter, you can kill bed bugs by putting your belongings outside overnight.


Fact: In order to kill bed bugs by putting your stuff outside, you’d have to keep it out there for about two weeks in consistently below-freezing temperatures. Bed bugs aren’t cold-tolerant, but they can survive for weeks in sub-zero temperatures. So if you’re okay with not having a bed for a few weeks, then by all means, give it a whirl!


Myth: Bed bugs only infest dirty homes.


Fact: It doesn’t matter if you have the dirtiest home in the world or the cleanest; bed bugs can be found anywhere at any time.


Myth: Over-the-counter treatments will always get rid of bed bugs.


Fact: Bed bugs are pretty tolerant of treatments that contain pyrethroid-based ingredients. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter treatments are pyrethroid-based, and will most likely not get rid of your bed bugs. Different types of over-the-counter treatments, such as foggers and bomb, will just cause the bed bugs to move into different rooms, and the last thing you want is to make a one-room problem, into an entire house problem.


Myth: You’ll only get bed bugs if you travel.


Fact: It’s common to get bed bugs while traveling, but it’s not the only way. Bed bugs are like mini hitchhikers and can be picked up just about anywhere.


Myth: Bed bugs only feed at night.


Fact: Think about it: when do we (usually) spend the most time in bed? At night when we sleep. So it only makes sense that bed bugs are nocturnal if we are. However, bed bugs adapt their behavior to your sleeping patterns. If you sleep all day but are awake all night, then they’ll feed in the mornings.


Myth: Bed bugs can jump.


Fact: Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs can’t jump or fly! All the can do is crawl, but this shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can easily crawl into small crevices where they can hide and go unnoticed.


Myth: You can feel a bed bug bite.


Fact: Oddly enough, bed bug saliva carries a substance that serves as a mild anesthetic. Basically, before it bites you it numbs the area, so it’s unlikely that you’ll actually ever feel the bite – thanks, bed bugs.


Myth: I can get rid of bed bugs myself!


Fact: You can try, but you don’t have to just get rid of the adult bed bugs, you have to find all of the nymphs and eggs as well. If you don’t get them all, they’ll most likely return. The best practice is to hire a pest management pro to get rid of all the bed bugs the first time around!


At Bug House, we provide a thorough inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs, then use a combination of chemical and mechanical means to eliminate them, depending on your need.

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