About 70% of homes have mold

That’s the air you’re breathing. Closed crawl space encapsulation protects your family’s health and your home.

Benefits of our closed crawl systems:

Avoid mold and mildew

Prevent structural damage

Reduce allergens

Save up to 20% on every energy bill

Protect from pests

Protect your home, health, and family today.

Many companies will leave after installation; our team of experts checks in once a year to make sure everything is working.

Crawlspace before Bughouse

Before Bug House

Crawlspace after Bughouse

After Bug House

“The inspection revealed a very clean install with no leftover residue. I think I could eat supper in the crawl space.”

– Madison from Macon

Stay termite-free and moisture-free

If installed incorrectly, closed crawl spaces can make it difficult to check for termites, or it could potentially void your current termite control system. You need to trust who is working on and under your home. Our Bug Guys guarantee accurate installation, so your home stays both moisture and termite-free.

Install the most durable system in the market.

Augusta pest control worker

25-year warranty on ALL materials used with Bug House Pest Control

What to expect with Bug House when you have a moisture problem

Bug House Moisture
  1. 1

    Free Consultation

    No one likes a moisture control problem, but everyone likes getting something for free! We’ll come out to you for a free in-home inspection and we won’t leave until we can give you an honest evaluation and quote.

  2. 2

    The Perfect Plan

    We’ll design a customized closed crawl space solution just for you, based on the needs of your home and family.

  3. 3

    Trustworthy Service

    You can trust you’ll have an expert “bug guy” each time, and you can always trust that he’ll treat your home with care and quality service. Once your service is completed, our Bug Guys will also come to your home once a year to make sure everything is working properly.

  4. 4

    Always on Call

    While we promise to give you the best service around, pests are just that – they’re pests! If they’re still bugging you after we treat your home, we’ll return at no charge.