3 Most Common Spring Pests to Prevent

3 Most Common Spring Pests to Prevent

Is your home pest-prepped for Georgia’s spring months? March 20th was officially the first day of spring, and with the warmer weather comes crawling critters! To be prepared for spring, it’s important to know what pests to look out for and how to be proactive in preventing them. Let’s take a look at the 3 most common spring pests to prevent! 


During the winter, rats typically burrow, nest, or seek warmth in the crevices of your home or basement. In the spring, they come out for warmth and breeding during the months of April-June. Rats are gross and can carry diseases; therefore, you want to be proactive in preventing these little rodents from entering your home! 

Rat Prevention Tips: 

• Eliminate their entry points 

• Make sure to keep garbage cans covered 

• Eliminate sources of water and food 

For tips on how to get rid of rats in your home, click here. 

Carpenter Ants 

Did you know that carpenter ants can dig tunnels inside the wood of your home to nest? Hence the name carpenter ants! These little guys come out in the warmer months to seek shelter and food sources. They are especially prevalent in Georgia, so be on the lookout for piles of wood shavings, ants that look like the one pictured above crawling throughout your home, and noise in your walls. 

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips: 

• Seal gaps and holes

• Draw chalk barriers around entry points

• Remove sources of water in and around your home

For more tips on how to prevent and get rid of carpenter ants, check out this resource. 


Last but certainly not least, termites can be a huge problem in the spring in Georgia. Termites are a pest to keep a close eye on because once they invade they can cost millions of dollars in damage. Don’t fear! Our Bug Guys are experts at keeping termite out of homes. 

Termite Prevention Tips: 

• Fix leaky faucets

• Seal cracks around your foundation

• Pay attention to any areas around your house where wood and soil are in contact 

To make sure your home is in the clear, schedule a free inspection today. For more everything else you need to know about termites, click here. 

If you see one of these spring pests creeping and crawling around your home, give us a call at 706-309-0881. We would be happy to help you!