3 Swarming Insects to Look Out for in Georgia this Spring

3 Swarming Insects to Look Out for in Georgia this Spring

With warmer weather on the way, new critters are emerging. Pests can be scary, especially in swarms. Here are 3 swarming insects to look out for in Georgia this spring: 

1. Subterranean Termites 

Spring showers bring… termites! Springtime in Georgia provides the perfect conditions for these creepy crawlers. These termites are tiny in size and range from light white, brown, and orange in color. Termites love wood and tend to colonize, getting bigger in size over the course of time. They can cause quite an amount of damage if not caught early, so make sure to keep an eye out for these pests! For tips on termite prevention and protection, click here. 

2. Kudzu Bugs

Often mistaken for beetles, Kudzu bugs are very common in Georgia. They are approximately 4 to 6 mm long in size and are usually a green and brown color. They tend to sneak into cracks throughout the home, and if they begin to swarm, they can produce a strong odor. Look out for these pests to avoid unpleasant smells throughout the home! 

3. Common Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are usually found near fruit, exactly what their name implies. These pests can be quite annoying and tough to get rid of, and can always be found around food, pantries, sink drains, and garbage cans. They are usually light in color and have wings. Make sure to store food in tight containers and wash your dishes regularly to avoid fruit flies infesting your home! Here are 9 additional tips for preventing fruit flies in your home this spring. 

If you see any of these three pests in your home this spring, feel free to contact our Bug Guys here to help or book a free home inspection today to stay on top of these pests!