3 Tips for Preventing Moths

3 Tips for Preventing Moths

Moths may not seem like they are very harmful – they don’t bite, sting, or buzz around making noise, but they definitely are a nuisance. Have you ever pulled out your favorite sweater or shirt only to be disappointed to find large holes? Here are 3 tips for preventing winter moths and unwanted holes in your favorite clothes. 


Good news for you! Moths hate cedar, and the natural oils can kill moth larvae, but it smells delightful. You can spread cedar throughout the house by filling a water spray bottle with a few drops of cedar oil or diffusing it. 

Here’s a great DIY essential oils moth repellent spray: 

• 4 ounces of water 

• Cedar oil – 20 drops 

• Peppermint – 20 drops 

• Eucalyptus – 20 drops 

Seal Clothes 

When storing summer clothes during the winter, it’s important to make sure that the bin is sealed tightly, so moths and unwanted critters don’t make their way in. You can find vacuum storage bags on Amazon here. If you happen to find moths or larvae on your clothes, it’s important to take action immediately. A good way to get rid of them is to wash in hot water or freeze for 24 hours to kill them

Clean Your Home

Cleaning regularly will keep your house free from pesky critters. Make sure to vacuum floors, carpets, walls, and everything else imaginable. Moths love dust and dirt, so the less there is, the less likely they will make their way into your home. Also, when you finish vacuuming, make sure to remove the dirt because moths can produce larvae inside the vacuum and reproduce. Lastly, when cleaning, remember to dust and wipe down drawers often. 

It’s time to say goodbye to moths and holes in your clothes! If you need more help than these tips, our Bug Guys are always happy to take a look at your home. Contact us here.