4 Simple Winter Home Improvement Projects for a Pest-Free Home

4 Simple Winter Home Improvement Projects for a Pest-Free Home

Down here in the south we get lucky with some pretty mild winters, but that doesn’t mean that the chilly temperatures won’t draw in cold-weather pests. To get your home ready for those cold winter days, check out some of these winter home improvement projects for a pest-free home.

4 Winter Home Improvement Projects for a Pest-Free Home

1. Kitchen/Bathroom remodeling: Pests love the cool, damp areas of your home, making the bathroom and kitchen the perfect places for them to hang out. While many people think that the spring or summer would be the best time for a remodel, doing it in the winter could save you some money. Plus, you’ll be able to get the job done without the crazy humidity levels drawing in pests and drawing out sweat.

2. Insulate your plumbing: The last thing you need during the winter months is for your pipes to burst causing leakage or flooding. Take some time to inspect your interior pipes for exposed metal and copper in your basement, attics, and crawl space. If you do find that some of the pipes are exposed, thoroughly wrap them in foam insulation. 

3. Replace (or insert) window screens: Window screens help keep pests from making their way indoors when we want to enjoy some nice weather during the warmer winter days. While many homes are equipped with window screens, they’re one of the few places in our homes that don’t get regularly checked for rips and tears. If you see any holes in your window screens, be sure to replace them with a new screen right away.

4. Encapsulate your crawl space: Do you trust the air underneath your home? Fun fact: It’s the same air you’re breathing in your home. Winter in the south is a perfect time to encapsulate or seal your crawl spaces to prevent moisture problems, pests, and mold from wreaking havoc on your home. Even though it may seem like a simple DIY project, you shouldn’t try to encapsulate your crawl spaces on your own – always leave it to the experts!

The closed crawl system that we install at Bug House is the most durable and complete system on the market. We even offer a 25-year warranty on all materials we use, including a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier completely covering your crawl space — the floors, walls, and even the ceiling. If this sounds like something your home needs, reach out to us here and we’ll get you started with a free in-home inspection and estimate.