4 Tips for a Pest-Free Halloween

4 Tips for a Pest-Free Halloween

Halloween is filled with everything spooky, scary, and a little bit creepy. And while we love to decorate with faux spider webs and rat figurines, the last thing you want is to find the real things lurking around your home. To make sure everyone in the family has fun celebrating this ghoulish holiday, we’re sharing our best tips for a pest-free Halloween. 

Unpack your decorations carefully

Decorating your home with faux leaves, cauldrons, and witches brooms is all part of getting into the Halloween spirit. As you unpack your plastic rats and synthetic spider webs from your storage boxes, be mindful that you don’t have any unwanted house guests stored away in there. Cardboard boxes that have been stored in attics, garages, or basements are ideal places for roaches and mice to nest. When you decide to put away your decorations after Halloween is over, try using an airtight plastic container instead.

Wash store-bought Halloween costumes

Buying your Halloween costume is exciting, but remember that you probably weren’t the first person to try it on at the store. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can easily be transferred between several articles of clothing. Make sure you immediately put your new Halloween costume in the wash to lessen the chance of a bed bug infestation.

Carve your pumpkins a few nights before Halloween

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is a tradition that’s been around for hundreds of years. In fact, it’s typically one of the first Halloween activities that people do to commence the start of the season. While it’s completely understandable to want to get in on the Halloween fun as soon as possible, carving your pumpkin too early in the month can cause fruit flies, bugs, and even rats to feel welcome in your home. Instead, try carving them a few nights before Halloween, that way the rotting scent doesn’t attract pests, and they look fresher for your trick-or-treaters!

Check your Halloween candy

You should always check your little one’s Halloween candy after a night of trick-or-treating to make sure they weren’t tampered with. While you’re checking for any cracks or openings, be sure to check for any flies, mosquitoes, or beetles that may have made their way into opened candy or even in their bag.

Spooky critters are fun to celebrate on Halloween, but after the holiday is over, you shouldn’t have to deal with any creepy crawlers in your home. If you think you have an infestation, give us a call! Our Bug Guys can take care of every pest problem – big or small.