5 Back-to-School Pests to Watch out For

5 Back-to-School Pests to Watch out For

Can you believe it’s already time for our kiddos to go back to school? The summer may have felt like it came and went too quickly, but there are some critters that could stay a while if your kids pick them up in school. Make sure you and your kids are aware of these back-to-school pests so you can keep everyone safe and infestation-free. 

Back-to-school bugs to watch out for: 


Of course, lice is a big one. It’s probably the critter you think about the most out of all of these bugs, but do you know how to properly prevent and treat them? 

Contrary to popular belief, lice do not care how clean or dirty you, your house, or your hair are; they don’t discriminate when looking for a new home.

The best way to prevent lice is to discourage your child from sharing hats, helmets, hair accessories, or any clothing items with other children. If anyone in your child’s class comes in contact with lice, be sure to check your child as soon as you can. 

There are plenty of at-home treatment kits you can purchase over the counter, but if you continue to see lice after using one of these, contact your doctor as you may need a prescription for something stronger. 

Bed bugs

Bed bugs also don’t discriminate when trying to find their next home, so it doesn’t matter how often you clean; they just want to go where there are plenty of people. They live up to their name and can be found in beds, especially hotel and dorm room beds, but can also live anywhere there are cracks and crevices, meaning backpacks and clothing items. 

Don’t worry, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases. However, they can cause a lot of unwanted stress and itching (oh, the itching…). Always inspect your child’s belongings, especially if you hear of bed bugs going around in your school, and inspect their bodies as well. You’ll notice rather large bites if there’s an infestation. 

To treat bed bugs, you’ll want to call in the pros. We can help get rid of the problem and give you back the comfort and safety you deserve to feel in your home at all times. 


Ticks latch onto skin, typically when outside and especially in areas full of brush and tall grass. Check your children’s skin when you know they’ve been playing outside (don’t forget to ask them what they’re doing during recess!). Pay special attention to areas like their belly buttons, hair, ears, armpits, and between their fingers and toes. 

If you find a tick, use tweezers to grab the tick close to the skin. Be sure to pull upward and resist jerking or twisting. You can find some more tips here. 


Although it’s pretty rare, mosquitoes can carry diseases, and we all know how annoying their bites can be. 

Keep your yard protected against mosquitoes with a regular treatment, and be sure to spray your kids with repellant before they go outside. Encourage them to stay away from areas of standing water when they’re playing outside, especially during recess when you can’t monitor them, and always have the calamine lotion ready if they do come home with bites. 


You probably came across a lot of ants over the summer, especially when sweet treats were involved. That means you know what one little crumb or bit of food can do. 

Keep your kids’ backpacks, lunchboxes, and even pockets free of food by checking and cleaning them regularly. Encourage your kids to clean up crumbs and spills right away, and get in the habit of checking each week, plus deep cleaning at least once a month. If you do find ants in or around your kid’s school supplies, a good cleaning will typically do the trick. Just make sure you patch up any holes or crevices in your home to make sure the ants don’t continue to get inside. 

Now that you know how to spot, prevent, and treat these back-to-school pests, you can rest a little easier as your kids go back to school. If you need some extra reinforcement and protection for your home, call us! We’d love to come check out your home and get you the service you need.