5 Signs you Have Pests Living in your Walls

5 Signs you Have Pests Living in your Walls

Sleep is important for our bodies to recover from a long day of work, but it can be hard to get the shut-eye you need when you’re kept up by scratching noises in your wall at night. The good news is that your home probably isn’t haunted. The bad news is that those noises could be coming from pests living in your walls.

Here are 5 signs that you have unwanted house guests living in your walls:

1.  Droppings. Those little brown nuggets you see lying around your house probably aren’t misplaced raisins. Droppings are a telltale sign that you have some sort of pest living in your walls. Squirrel and rat droppings look very similar, but mouse feces tend to be darker and much smaller with tapered ends.

2. Sightings. Did you see a mouse or a squirrel running around your house? Did it magically disappear just when you thought you had them cornered? They probably found their way into your walls. If you see a pest wandering the halls of your home, chances are they’re not alone.

3. Smell. Mice and rats tend to trail urine everywhere they go, and trust us when we say that you won’t be able to miss the smell. If you have cats, you might confuse the smell of rat urine with the smell of an overfilled litterbox. If the smell is still lingering even after you’ve changed the litter and mopped the surrounding area, then you’ve got a pest problem on your hands.

4. Signs of chewing. Pests have surprisingly strong teeth and can gnaw their way through lots of different materials in your home. If your insulation looks like it’s been disturbed, or your floor trimming has a few bites taken out of it, then you definitely have something living in your walls.

5. Noise. If you’re laying in bed at night and you hear scuffling or a faint tapping sound, then it could be one of two things. Either your kids are up and wandering around looking for a midnight snack, or you have pests scurrying around in your walls. We’ll hope that it’s the first one.

Are any of these things happening in your home? We’d love to help you get those pesky little critters out of your walls so you can finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve. Reach out to us here to schedule your free in-home inspection, or give us a call! 706-309-0881