5 Ways to Prevent Pests With Your Pets

5 Ways to Prevent Pests With Your Pets

If you have a family pet, you know that he or she is a big part of your family. So when protecting your family and home from pests, you can’t ignore the furry members!

As much as we love them, our dogs and cats can often be the source of our pest problems — whether it’s through fleas and ticks on their skin, roaches attracted to their food, or even wildlife being brought into the home. However, it’s possible to take some steps to prevent and eliminate pests so you can protect your whole family (pets included)!

Here are a few simple things that will help your pet (and your home!) stay pest-free:

  1. Keep your yard tidy. Having a well-maintained yard will help keep pests out. Avoid clutter by picking up after your pets and kids, and be sure not to leave any food, drinks, or uncontained trash outdoors.
  2. Keep your pet’s belongings clean. This includes toys, your pet’s bed, or anything else they regularly come into contact with. In addition to this, it’s important to keep your pet’s food area clean. Pests love when you leave your dog’s food out all day, and they can even hide inside the food if it’s not stored properly. Store pet food in a tight container and keep it off the ground.
  3. Inspect your pet when he/she comes inside. Carefully look through your pet’s hair to make sure there are no fleas, ticks, or other mites hiding on their skin or in their coat. Pay special attention to this in warmer seasons since fleas and ticks both flourish in warm climates.
  4. Be aware of wildlife surrounding your home. You don’t want to risk your pet capturing a rodent and getting a disease or dragging it into the house. Plenty of us pet owners have experienced our pets bringing us their “prized catch of the day.” Always check that they’re not bringing anything unwanted inside!
  5. Bathe pets regularly. Your pet deserves to stay clean and comfortable! Keep up with how often you are bathing them and make sure you’re washing them thoroughly.

Having a problem with pests? Let us help you keep your home, family, and even your pets healthy and happy!