6 Tips for a Bug-Proof Home

6 Tips for a Bug-Proof Home

Our homes are supposed to be a safe place. They’re a place to come back to at the end of the day and relax. Big or small, apartment or mansion, on the water or in the city, you should have complete control over your home. Sometimes, we have some uninvited guests (or should we say pests) that disturb the peace. Take control of your home by implementing these 6 tips for a bug-proof home.

1. Seal your doors. You’ll be surprised when you take a closer look at how many little gaps there are for bugs and insects to enter your home. There’s no doubt that you want as few of these entry points as possible. The answer is simple. Just seal your doors! For some extra advice on this process, click here.

2. Install and maintain screens. Sometimes, we need some fresh air. Without screens this might be a bad idea for your home. Installing screens means another layer of protection for your home. How can you argue against more protection? Find a 20-mesh screen or one that is finer and that will do it! They’re easy to install. If a screen ever has a rip, you can seal it with something as simple as clear nail polish.

3. A bug-proof yard = a bug-proof home. Insects and pests love to hide in overgrown shrubs and grass. So unless you want these bugs to live happy in your yard, keep the outside of your house well-groomed. This also means keeping things away from your home’s foundation. This is a popular entry spot for unwanted pest guests. If you have piles of wood or bushes touching your home, consider moving them a few inches away from their current location. A little distance will go a long way in giving you a bug-proof home.

4. Cover large openings. Obviously, you can’t seal your chimney or vents, but you can cover them! One way to do this is with fine wire mesh. You can install this over your chimney without any professional help. These large openings can also exist underneath your home. That’s one of the many reasons a closed crawl space can help keep your home safe.

5. Don’t let the bugs eat. This may sound simple, but it’s essential to keeping bugs away from your home. Dispose of your food so that pests can’t find it. You’ll want to store leftovers in airtight containers. These bugs are expert hunters and they will find any food that is accessible. This includes pet food. Make sure that all trash containers have secure lids that keep bugs out.

6. Call Bug House! Pest problems can be reduced by these simple tips, but you’re bound to have a pest problem eventually. Even with all of these tactics to make your home bug-proof, you’ll need a professional to help when the going gets tough. Your neighborhood pest control staff at Bug House is here for any issue you might have. Take a look at our services or contact us. We’d love to chat with you about your pest problems!