6 Ways to Prevent Summer Bugs in Georgia From Ruining Your Summer

6 Ways to Prevent Summer Bugs in Georgia From Ruining Your Summer

Ahh, sweet summer! We’ve been looking forward to this time all year long, especially after that long and brutal winter. But sometimes, we tend to forget about those summer bugs in Georgia. Pests like ants, spiders, mosquitoes, roaches, and ticks can ruin any fun summer activity if you let them.

The good news? There are ways to prevent these pesky guys from ruining your summer!

Here are 6 activities that summer bugs in Georgia will try to ruin – and 6 ways to prevent them!

  1. Hanging out on the back porch. Bugs such as spiders and mosquitoes love debris. They’ll make a home in old leaves, dead grass, twigs, and anything else they can find. If you’re planning on enjoying your back porch this summer, remove debris on a weekly basis. Do a quick sweep of the porch and clear out any spider webs that you may see.
  2. Rooftop hangs. If you have a good rooftop that you and your friends or family like to hang out on (hello, summer stargazing!), then it’s vital to inspect your shingles and gutters regularly. Even if you can’t hang out up there, this is still a good habit to create, as you can spot signs of termites or rodents in and around your home by quickly inspecting these areas. Bonus: keep your gutters clean and this will also help keep the mosquitoes away!
  3. Swimming. Whether you have a large indoor pool or a smaller above-ground pool (even if it’s a kiddie pool), make sure you keep the water moving. Mosquitoes will lay eggs in standing water, but they’ll avoid moving water. If you don’t have a circulation system for your small kiddie pool, be sure to empty it of water in between uses.
  4. Other fun water activities. Sprinklers, slip ‘n’ slides, water balloon fights, squirt gun wars… there are so many fun water activities to take part in over the summer! But like we said above, mosquitoes love standing water. Just make sure to remove any puddles or areas of standing water, as well as hose or sprinkler leaks. After a water war, make sure you empty all the squirt guns, buckets, etc. that were used so mosquitoes don’t take over.
  5. Picnics. Who doesn’t love a good picnic?! Summer picnics in Georgia can be tough, but take a few extra steps to avoid bugs and you’ll get the awesome, relaxing experience you want. The most important thing you can do is keep all of your food covered. This will help keep plenty of pests away, such as ants, mosquitoes, and bees. If you’re picnicking in a field, make sure you choose an area without much shade or moisture, as these could be prime locations for ticks. Always use a blanket and try to avoid sitting straight in the grass as much as possible.
  6. Grilling. Summer in Georgia means grill season! Long before you plan your first grill, make sure you do a nice deep clean of your grill. Food attracts pests, and if you haven’t used your grill in months, who knows who’s living in there. Clean any excess food after every grill and make sure to keep your food covered at all times.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your summer bug-free! These summer bugs in Georgia are no joke, but with a little prep and awareness, you won’t have to worry about them.