Bed Bugs in Hotels: How to Prevent Them From Coming Home with You

Bed Bugs in Hotels: How to Prevent Them From Coming Home with You

While you’re packing up your bags from that much-needed vacation, some unwanted hitchhikers might be making their way to your carry-on bag. Whether you’re staying at a low-rate motel or a 5-star resort, bed bugs in hotels don’t discriminate. These blood-sucking stowaways are professionals at finding their way into the cracks and crevices of your luggage. The last thing you want to do after the perfect vacay is to come home with an unwanted souvenir.

Follow these tips to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you from your next vacation.

When You Arrive at the Hotel

Bed bug prevention starts from the moment you step into your hotel room. Even though you might be exhausted from a long plane ride or agonizing road trip, it’s worth doing a quick scan of the room to make sure you have no unexpected roommates.

  • Inspect any furniture in the room (sofas, armchairs, inside dressers, etc.).
  • Pull back the sheets and inspect the box springs and mattress seams of the bed. Pay specific attention to the corners for anything that looks like little black stains or spots.
  • For extra precaution, put your suitcase in a plastic bag for the duration of your trip to prevent any bed bugs from vacationing in your bag.
  • If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your room, notify the management team immediately and ask for a room change!

When You Arrive Home

Even if you don’t think you had any bed bugs hiding out in your hotel room, you should still take extra precaution once you get home. You know what they say: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Before you bring your suitcases inside, inspect them to make sure you have no stowaways.
  • Vacuum your suitcase before storing it to prevent any chance of a missed bed bug laying eggs.
  • Wash all clothes (clean or dirty) on hot cycles.

If you suspect that you might have brought home some unwanted pests from your trip, contact us right away! It’s better to let a professional take care of a few bed bugs before it turns into an uncontrollable infestation.