Checklist for Enjoying a Bugless Backyard BBQ

Checklist for Enjoying a Bugless Backyard BBQ

It’s that time of year again — backyard barbecue season! The summertime is the best time to gather in the backyard with family and friends and eat yummy food. But, nobody wants to deal with unwanted guests like mosquitoes, no-see-ums, flies, and bees. 

Our Bug Guys put together a checklist for enjoying a bugless backyard bbq this summer. Check it out: 

  • Keep the food covered – shower caps are a handy trick.
  • Remove any stagnant water. 
  • Keep the trash far away from where guests are eating.
  • Add marigolds as decorations – bugs hate them! 
  • Spread mint and cloves around the serving area – bugs also hate these! 
  • Mow the lawn and trim the bushes. 
  • Avoid colognes and perfumes.
  • Light citronella candles.
  • Wear bug spray and have it available for guests! 
  • Wear appropriately colored clothing – mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing, so try wearing lighter clothes. 
  • Place outdoor fans around the yard. 
  • Use softer lighting like string lights. 
  • Clean up throughout the evening. 

If all else fails, call in the pros! We will come to your home and give you a free quote and in-home inspection, so we can find the best solution for keeping your beautiful backyard bug-free.