DIY Pest Control is a Bad Idea–Here’s Why

DIY Pest Control is a Bad Idea–Here’s Why

It’s tempting to try to save money by fixing something yourself. We get it. We like saving money too! But when it comes to do-it-yourself pest control, we urge you to set the bug spray down and call a professional. There are costly repercussions for DIY home pest management.  While DIY methods and store-bought products may seem economical in the short term, they can lead to more damaging infestations and greater expenses.

User Error

It’s extremely common for homeowners to select inappropriate products for their pest situation, as they are unfamiliar with the formulations and use-cases. What’s more, store-bought pest control products like sprays and bug bombs contain highly potent–even dangerous–chemical ingredients that can harm you, your family, and your pets if not handled and applied properly.

Ineffective Surface Products

Applying store-bought pest products to surfaces in your home is a largely ineffective method of eliminating bugs and rodents. Most of these treatments direct you to apply the products to surfaces like floors and countertops. After you spray the product onto the surface, there’s no guarantee it will maintain its potency long enough for the pests to encounter it. And at that point, you’re left with haphazardly-sprayed poison and pests that simply migrated to a different area of your home.

Kill-On-Contact Formulas

Some of the same store-bought surface products are also marketed as effective “kill-on-contact” solutions. These formulas direct you to spray them directly onto a bug to kill it. While this is your best chance of success using a DIY method and store-bought spray, it’s a very short-term solution. Killing pests one by one as they appear in your home does not help your situation over time. When you kill on contact, the pests remaining have a chance to regroup and relocate. And if you’re dealing with an infestation, it’s simply not realistic to eliminate pests one at a time.

Bug Bombs

Bug bombs, or total release foggers, are one of the most popular DIY pest control products. They release pesticides using aerosol propellant. Unfortunately, they’re more popular than they are practical. Store-bought bug bombs are somewhat effective for bugs in close proximity, but they fail to eliminate pests at the source. In fact, you’re more likely to spread bugs around your home using a bug bomb than you are to kill them.

Call the Professionals

Pest control chemicals demand expert handling and application. And your household deserves a long-term solution to pest problems–not just a temporary fix. Professional pest control providers like Bug House evaluate your situation and deliver treatments thoroughly and safely. We eliminate pests at their source, so you can confidently enjoy your bug-free home.