Does Rain Wash Away Pesticides?

Does Rain Wash Away Pesticides?

Many Bug House customers worry rain will wash away their pest control treatments. If you’re resonating with these concerns, you’re not alone. When you spend money on pest control, you want to know how long it’ll last. We completely understand.

So, does rain wash away pesticides? It’s impossible to answer this question simply because every treatment is unique. In some cases, but not always, the rain will impact pest control services. Sometimes, rain will have minimal to zero impact on your treatment. Ultimately, it depends on the type of treatment being performed, the pesticide used, and the location where it’s being applied.

Rain is not a problem if we’re applying pesticides inside the home. If we’re performing an exterior or yard service, the products must permeate the soil to be effective. Outdoor pesticide and insecticide treatments will dilute and are less effective after rain. The good news is that the most commonly used outdoor pest control or insecticide sprays outdoors aim to eliminate something rather than repel it.

The amount that the insecticide and pesticide are diluted depends entirely on the specific product and the amount of rainfall. It’s challenging to sum every pest control treatment into one key point because every treatment is an entirely new situation. While some applications are designed to work over a long period of time, other treatments are intended to work almost immediately. The speed of treatment depends entirely on the insect or whatever you’re trying to eliminate. More often than not, the problem will be taken care of by the time the rain dilutes the pesticide.

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