Home DIY Projects for Pest Prevention

Home DIY Projects for Pest Prevention

According to our friends at Pest World, because of our wet spring and warm winter, we’re in for one buggy summer. Right now is a great time to give your home a little extra TLC to get ready for the heat (and bug) wave of the summer months. Here’s our top 10 home DIY projects to help keep the pests out.

Bug House’s DIY Home Improvement List for a Pest-Free Home

  • Fix your window screens
  • Seal up cracks in walls with caulk
  • Get rid of yard waste
  • Plant some of these pest-repelling plants
  • Make a bird feeder (or two)
  • Change out your outdoor yellow light bulbs to white light bulbs
  • Check for rotting wood on baseboards, if you find some, you might have termites
  • Do a full bathroom remodel 
  • Insulate plumbing
  • Check your siding for any cracks or openings, caulk/repair as needed

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