How to Eliminate Mosquito Larvae in Pool

How to Eliminate Mosquito Larvae in Pool

When it comes to dealing with mosquitoes around pools, many people tend to focus on the adult versions of these blood sucking nusenses. But in order to prevent them from ruining all of your pool parties, it’s better to nip things in the bud during their infancy. Follow these tips for eliminating mosquito larvae in pool settings quickly.

Create constant water movement

Mosquitoes love standing water, and tend to flock to these settings to lay their eggs. To keep them from turning your pool into their breeding grounds, it’s important to keep your water circulating, This can be done by insulating pumps that keep the water vibrating on the surface.

Remove surrounding standing water

Even though your pool is one giant source of standing water (unless you follow tip #1), surrounding stagnant water can draw mosquitoes and larvae to the pool. Remove any water in bird baths, buckets, and pet dishes. 

Keep your lawn tidy

Overgrown grasses and unkept shrubs are another great environment for mosquitoes and their larvae, drawing them to breed in your pool. Make sure that you properly care for your lawn regularly mowing, trimming hedges, and killing any weeds and wild grass. Also make sure you avoid overwatering planters as excess moisture can draw in mosquitoes. 

Call your pest control experts

One of the best ways to ensure larvae stay out of your pool is by killing the source directly, the adult mosquitoes. Calling your local Bug House Pest Control experts for a mosquito treatment will result in the best results and ensure you have a bite-free, pool-filled spring and summer.