How to Get Rid of Gnats

How to Get Rid of Gnats

Do you have gnats flying around your kitchen? They can be common problem pests for Georgia homeowners. In this blog, we cover:

  • What gnats are
  • What causes gnats
  • Signs of a gnat infestation
  • How to eliminate gnats
  • How to prevent gnats

What Are Gnats?

Before you can get rid of them, make sure they’re actually gnats. Gnats are tiny flying insects with wings that include fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain gnats. They’re so small, it’s difficult to see their color. Typically, they are yellow, tan, black, or brown in color. Where you find gnats is the most helpful indicator of what type they are.

  • Drain gnats hang out near the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Fruit flies buzz around ripe and decaying fruit.
  • Fungus gnats are common around houseplants.

What Causes Gnats?

Gnats are attracted to so many seemingly little things around your home. Ripening and decaying fruits or veggies, decaying food matter and moisture in drains, and over-watered houseplants attract gnats into your home.

Signs of Gnat Infestation

One of the only indicators of a gnat infestation is when you see several gnats flying through the air in your home. Look for drain gnats when you turn on the sink, fungus gnats when you move a house plant, and fruit flies near fruit in the kitchen. You should take the first sight of these tiny winged pests as a sign that there is an infestation.

How to Eliminate Gnats

Use these tips from our Bug House experts to control these rapidly-reproducing bugs!

  • Professional gnat services: The only surefire way to get pests out and keep them out is by partnering with professional pest control experts like Bug House. Our gnat exterminators have commercial-grade products, professional equipment, and the expertise to eliminate bugs from your home quickly.
  • Vinegar traps: One of the best methods for getting rid of fruit flies is a vinegar trap. Set up a bowl near the infestation, and pour apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of dish soap into the bowl. The sugar attracts the gnats, the dish soap prevents them from escaping, and the vinegar kills them.
  • Drain cleaner: To get rid of drain flies or drain gnats, you can pour drain cleaner down the kitchen sink. Using the manufacturer’s instructions, pour it slowly down the drain to kill adult gnats and larvae.
  • Sticky paper: Another option for all types of gnats is sticky paper or cards. These cards are yellow to attract gnats and have adhesive on their faces. When gnats land on them, they get stuck and dehydrate.

Preventing Gnats

  • Keep doors and windows shut. This includes screens! Gnats are so tiny that they can squeeze through a screen.
  • Take out the trash daily. Scrub and rinse trash cans weekly.
  • Remove areas of standing water, as larvae develop in moist areas.
  • Inspect fruit and vegetables for signs of fruit flies, and store them in refrigerators immediately upon arriving home.
  • Regularly wipe down counters, and clean spills immediately.

Pest Control for Georgia Homeowners

It’s more challenging to eliminate an infestation that has taken hold in your home. Whether you use a natural remedy, store-bought products, or the pest treatment pros at Bug House to get rid of gnats, you need to implement prevention methods to avoid future infestations. Home pest prevention entails the same practices discussed above, like frequent cleaning and storing food and drinks securely. Other ways to keep bugs out of your home include scheduling regular pest prevention services and managing excess moisture.

Bug House Has Your Back

When you search for a reliable team to manage pests in and around your home, call the experts at Bug House. Our pest control specialists are always ready to get to the bottom of your bug problems and help you kickstart an effective, long-term solution for your home.

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