How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard

If you’ve ever gone out to your trash can to throw things away and found an unwanted guest rummaging through your rubbage, then you know how annoying raccoons can be. These little critters can cause destruction and diseases, so it’s critical to know how to keep them out of your yard to protect your home and family. Here are a few tips from our Bug Guys on how to keep raccoons out of your yard. 

1. Secure Your Trash Can 

Leaving accessible trash out is the number one way to attract raccoons to your yard and home. If you are prone to raccoons or are currently struggling with unwanted scavenges, then this is something that you want to pay close attention to. Every time you take your trash out, make sure that the lid is secure, and to take extra precautions, use bungee cords to lock the cans. 

2. Use Motion-Detected Lights 

Lights and loud noises are one of the top ways to get right of raccoons. Installing motion-detected lights around your garbage cans that illuminate when these little guys scamper into your yard is one of the best ways to scare them off. 

3. Remove Food Sources 

Never leave pet food out overnight, remove bird feeders at night, and always keep outdoor grilling areas free of food. Food is the top reason why raccoons venture near your home, so eliminating all sources eliminates the risk of them entering your yard. 

4. Eliminate Their Homes

If you have any trees surrounding your home that serve as raccoon shelters, then it might be time to cut them down to prevent them from nesting close to your own home. Also, make sure you search your yard for rock crevices, woodpiles, and other areas that raccoons could dwell. 

5. Call in the Pros 

If all else fails, these rodents aren’t a problem that you want lingering. If you have a raccoon problem, leave it to the professionals to handle! 

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