How to Prevent Termites While Building a Home

How to Prevent Termites While Building a Home

Even if you’re building your dream home, termites can turn new construction into a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You don’t want to experience a termite infestation in a new home that should be problem-free! Bug House knows termites are more than a nuisance–they’re damaging, expensive, and can delay construction.

Your home is exposed to the elements during construction, full of a termite’s favorite foods. Fortunately, you can prevent termites in new construction before they target your new home. Preventing termites before, during, and after construction is crucial. Bug House offers termite treatment as one of our many pest control services, and we even partner with home builders in Georgia to guarantee homeowners a year of free termite service. Below, we highlight some of the top termite prevention methods in new construction homes.

Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood involves an insecticide pushed into wood via a highly pressurized system. Treated wood often contains copper boron azole or alkaline copper quaternary—you don’t need to know the chemistry, though; certain available products will do the trick with a simple spray-on solution. Another option is to use naturally termite-resistant wood, which we delve into further below.

Termite-Resistant Materials

Building materials that don’t require termite treatment include concrete and cedar. Concrete, unlike most woods, is not appetizing to termites, and it’s an ideal solution for your framework. Cedar offers a fragrance from its resin and oils that termites simply cannot eat—as mulch creates an excellent barrier from termites.

Proper Sealant Application

Sealant barriers, often applied with a caulking gun or a smoothing tool, help block termites from entering slab penetrations, which are major entry points. Metal shields are another option that physically blocks termites from entering underneath structures, but they aren’t 100% foolproof. Remember that barrier solutions often only offer a temporary fix, but they can be effective if you need to do something quickly.

Good Drainage Systems

Keeping moisture away from your foundation is key to keeping termites away. Ensure that storm drains empty a few feet away from your foundation and that gutters direct water away from your wall. The same goes for sprinkler heads, condensation outlets, and leaks. All water should move in the direction opposite your home, as termites are drawn to the water and wet wood.

Soil Treatment

Like treated wood and materials, soil treated with certain chemicals discourages termites from entering your premises. It involves building a trench surrounding your home, followed by a solution application. Allow the solution to soak in for about half a day; after that, any termite that enters will become infected, eventually leading to the downfall of its colony.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Your home’s crawl space is one of the more likely places for termite nests. A crawl space is an unfinished space between the ground and the first floor of your home. Because this area is dark and ground-level, it’s a prime entry point for pests. To help keep termites out of your crawl space, consider moisture control and encapsulation from Bug House. We guarantee accurate installation, so your home stays both moisture and termite-free. Check out our blog to learn more about why you should encapsulate your crawl space!

Professional Pest Prevention Services

Regular professional service is a great way to ensure your new home remains termite-free. At Bug House Pest Control, we offer a free consultation followed by a personalized plan, trustworthy service, and on-call commitment. Georgia is a hotbed for termites, and we’re here to keep your home healthy and habitable. Read more about what you can expect from a Bug House home inspection!

Bug House is here to help, whether you’re trying to avoid termites or get rid of them. We also offer a slew of other bug-related services that keep your home safe, secure, and free of unwanted visitors. If you need help preventing or exterminating termites, mosquitoes, general pests, bed bugs, wildlife, or moisture, give us a call! We’ll treat your home with respect while we eliminate those pesky problems.