How to Protect Your Car From Lovebugs This Spring

How to Protect Your Car From Lovebugs This Spring

Lovebug season is on its way! Between the months of April-June, lovebugs can be such a nuisance in Georgia. These little guys aren’t harmful, but they can splatter all over your car, at times, causing long-term paint damage if they are stuck for long periods of time. Here are a few helpful tips for protecting your car from lovebugs this spring. 

First of all, what are lovebugs? 

Lovebugs are tiny black and red insects that attach themselves at the back to mate. Hence their romantic nickname! After they mate, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs. (Florida Nature) They reproduce extremely quickly and can cause messes that are not fun to clean up! 

How do you protect your car from lovebugs?  

If you are gearing up for a trip and suspect that you may encounter some of these lovely mating insects along the way, it’s always good to take preventative measures. One of the best ways to make sure lovebugs don’t stick to your car and mess up the paint is to wax your car. This will protect your base layer of paint from being damaged by lovebugs. Another way to prevent lovebugs is to spray your car with anti-stick products that are vehicle-friendly. 

If lovebugs have already done their damage and your car looks like it was hit by a swarm of black insects, then the best thing to do is immediately wash your vehicle. The longer the bugs stay on your car, the more damage they will do.

If lovebugs are still bugging you or you have other pest problems, then we would love to help! You can check out our blog for additional bug tips and resources from our Bug Guys or reach out to us here.