Humane Rodent Removal and Prevention

Humane Rodent Removal and Prevention

Even the biggest animal lovers don’t welcome wild rodents onto their property. Whether your uninvited visitor is a tiny, cute mouse or a large rancid-smelling rodent, you don’t know what germs you might carry. The best thing to do with rodents is to leave them in the wild so that they don’t cause damage to your home. 

If rodents repeatedly attack your home or garden, you may be at a breaking point, ready to remove them but weary of unnecessary harm. As wildlife removal experts at Bug House, we believe that taking the humane approach is the most ethical way to rid your house of rodents, so we listed a few top ways to deter or remove unwanted rodents.

Prevent Rodents

Before we get to rodent removal, there are a few ways in which you can prevent their intrusion in the first place. Whether you have unwanted visitors inside or outside, methods exist that allow you to deter rodent trespassers humanely.


When it comes to your home’s interior, your first order of business in keeping wildlife out is to keep your space clean. Sweep up any excess crumbs, consistently take out the trash and recycling, and pick up pet food. Store dry foods in metal and glass containers as a next step. 

Use stainless steel wool and a sealant that hardens quickly to close gaps wider than a pencil. Attach draught excluder strips to close larger openings, such as those at the bottom of doors. You can also try soaking wool balls in eucalyptus oil or peppermint and place them along the floors and entryways. Another tactic is consistently moving things around because rodents don’t like change and won’t get too comfortable in an environment they don’t recognize.


Outside the home, trim grass and shrubs to remove common rodent hiding places. Don’t let trash or recycling bins overflow, and keep them covered—the same goes for compost bins. Use feeders with trays to feed birds, avoid throwing food on the ground, or stop feeding wild animals altogether. You can also try blocking rodent tunnels with pebbles or pouring cat litter down them. Cover air vents with stainless steel grilles and install stainless steel rat-blocker flaps over sewer pipes and drainers.

Rodent Removal

If your rodent prevention methods haven’t worked and you’re at the point of needing to remove a rodent, there’s one primary way to do so humanely. If all other methods fail, consider buying a live trap, catching the pest, and releasing it back into the wild away from your home. Most live traps involve food as bait and a trigger that snaps the lid shut once the animal has entered. 

Learn more about natural wildlife repellents here and discover more solutions we offer, including termite solutions, mosquito control, general pest control, bed bug solutions, and crawlspace moisture control. If you need more assistance with any of these services, including rodent removal, call the pros at Bug House. We can help ensure you have a rodent-free home inside and out!