Prevent Overwintering Pests Now

Prevent Overwintering Pests Now

Prevent Overwintering Pests Now

Cooler temps are quickly approaching! We’re all anticipating this change of season, but so are bugs. Overwintering insects prepare for winter by seeking shelter from harsh elements. These pests creep into our homes during autumn, hoping to remain undetected throughout the cold season until spring. While overwintering pests don’t typically spread disease, they can invade your space in overwhelming numbers and become difficult to eliminate.

What is Overwintering?

Overwintering is a survival strategy that bugs employ before the cold season. It consists of bugs seeking shelter from the elements in nearby structures like houses, sheds, and barns. For overwintering pests, your home provides a warm, cozy hiding spot. While some pests can sneak in unnoticed, others gather on the side of your house before slipping inside. Overwintering pests typically stay hidden during the cold months but will emerge in homes when temperatures rise. Georgia’s most common overwintering pests are ladybugs, kudzu bugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, and stink bugs.

How to Prevent Overwintering Pests

The most effective way to prevent overwintering pests is to take measures in the fall. That means now is the time! Identify gaps, openings, and any possible entry points to your home. Bugs use these to gain entrance. While it may be unrealistic to seal every single inch of your home, the more you can seal, the better protected your home will be. With a bit of effort, you can make a huge difference in the number of overwintering pests that are able to enter your home. Fill gaps around door and window frames, the bottom edge of siding, roof lines, fascia boards, attic vents, chimney flashing, and any other nook and cranny you come across. The best materials to seal your home include aluminum screening, copper wool, hardware cloth, sealants, and caulks

Call on the Experts at Bug House

Though pests may like your warm and cozy house, you don’t have to share it with them this winter. If overwintering pests are invading your space, we have your back! For more than 30 years, our team at Bug House has been dedicated to providing the best pest control services to Georgia homeowners. Our commitment to quality and safety keeps our customers satisfied and bug-free. If you’re searching for a pest management partner to protect your home, give Bug House a call! Our experts are always ready to get to the bottom of your pest problems and help you kickstart an effective, long-term solution for your home. Our free home inspections include helpful insight and prevention tips from the Bug House pros!