Spiders in Georgia That You DON’T Want to Squish

Spiders in Georgia That You DON’T Want to Squish

Okay, you may think we’re crazy for saying there are some spiders in Georgia that you shouldn’t actually squish. After all, everyone hates spiders, right?! But what if we told you there are some types that you definitely don’t want to mess with? 

Wolf spiders

Wolf spiders carry their egg sacs on their backs until the baby spiders are ready to hatch, at which point the mother spider opens the sac, allowing the babies to safely crawl on her back and remain safe for a few weeks. Yikes. You know what that means? That means if you squish a mother, you’ll stir the babies and suddenly find dozens of tiny wolf spiders in your home. Just watch this:


Plus, wolf spiders actually aren’t dangerous (despite their large size and horrifying appearance), so there’s really no reason to risk it. If you do want to get rid of the giant but can’t get it out of your home safely without disturbing its potential babies, then your best bet is insecticides or calling in the pros to handle it. 

Black widows

Black widows are extremely poisonous and aggressive. In fact, this is one of only two poisonous spiders in Georgia (the other being the brown recluse). Black widows are fast spiders and will likely run after you instead of away from you if they survive a squishing, giving them a better opportunity to bite you. Instead of squishing it, use insecticides or call in the pros to take care of it.

The common house spider

Common house spiders can actually do more good than harm in your home, so you don’t need to squish them… no matter how unsettling they may be. They can catch and kill other small pests that could otherwise infest your home. 

We know that most folks don’t like the thought of creepy crawlers running around their homes, but the next time you think of squishing one, remember that it could be a mother carrying her tiny babies on her back, an aggressive black widow, or a helpful spider keeping your home pest-free.

If you do have any spider problems that need to be taken care of, that’s where we come in. Call us for a free in-home inspection and quote, or just to ask us some questions about your spider problem.