Spring Showers Bring…BUGS

Spring Showers Bring…BUGS

Swinging into spring means warmer weather and also…bugs! Spring is the time when pests are coming out of hiding from the winter months and can start to invade your home. Here’s how to avoid bugs this spring season: 

Look for Cracks 

The wider the opening, the easier it is for pests to crawl into your home. You should always be looking around for openings, whether it be windows, under doors, or around pipes in your home. If you see any cracks, you should use door sweeps or caulk to seal openings to avoid bugs. 

Maintain Your Yard 

Just like it is important to maintain the inside of your home, the outside of your home is just as important when it comes to pests. Pests tend to hide in bushes and leaves outside of your home, so you should maintain your lawn as well to keep pests away. 

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Pests are attracted to moisture, so you should try to remove any type of spillage of liquid in your home. With the warmer weather coming up, it is more likely that you will be going to the pool or watering your plants, so make sure that any type of leakage is staying away from your home to avoid pests. 

Done everything you can and still need a good spring cleaning? Check out our services and request a FREE inspection today. Our team of bug experts would be happy to help prepare your home for spring!