Take Back Your Yard: Summer Mosquito Solutions

Take Back Your Yard: Summer Mosquito Solutions

Picture yourself lounging on your back patio with an icy drink in hand, soaking in the tranquil sunset. It’s a slow, sweet summer evening at home. Then, just as you begin to relax into a meditative state, you see it. Poised menacingly on your arm is a bloodthirsty mosquito that’s ready for dinner–and you’re on the menu.

Mosquitoes are tiny but insidious. Peak mosquito season is June through October, but you’ll find mosquitoes throughout Georgia year-round. These notorious summertime party crashers severely limit your enjoyment of your yard. During the warmer months, when your family and pets are outside the most, so are mosquitoes.

While they tend to be peskiest at twilight and in the early morning, the conditions around your home can promote greater mosquito activity all day long. Food and moisture sources, like standing water, tall grasses, people, and animals, are major attractors for mosquitoes. Basically, if you have a yard and it rains, you’re sure to encounter mosquitoes.

It’s no secret that these pests can be truly irritating. If you’ve ever retreated indoors to escape a swarm of determined mosquitoes or nursed the itchy bites they leave behind on your skin, you understand the struggle. But mosquitoes aren’t just annoying–they’re outright dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. Mosquitoes pose a significant health threat, carrying diseases like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis, which can be transmitted through a single bite.

That’s what makes mosquito prevention so important! If mosquitoes are preventing your family from enjoying your outdoor space, it’s time to call Bug House.

Seasonal Mosquito Solutions from the Bug House Pros

Aren’t you ready to enjoy being outside again? This summer, take back your yard! Bug House’s advanced outdoor mosquito treatments deliver an immediate, effective counter-attack on mosquitoes so you can reclaim your outdoor space.

Our pest management experts use a combination of baits and specialized equipment to apply our treatment solution directly to where the mosquitoes live. We offer two different solution application schedules to meet your needs: 

  • Monthly treatment: For a flat monthly rate, Bug House ensures a mosquito-free yard year-round.
  • One-time treatment: Ideal for special events, Bug House’s one-time treatment service effectively eliminates mosquitoes over half an acre of your outdoor space.

Mosquito treatments are also included in our Defender package. You can learn about all of our packages and pricing here. Without a doubt, mosquito treatment is vital from March to September. However, Bug House recommends year-round spraying once every month as the ideal implementation. Monthly treatment quells mosquito populations so that treatments during the summer months require less intensity to keep pests at bay.

What to Expect from Bug House’s Mosquito Treatment

1. Free Consultation 

No one likes mosquitoes, but everyone likes getting something for free! We’ll come to your home to perform a free, thorough inspection and give you an honest evaluation and quote.

2. Your Perfect Plan

We’ll walk you through all the plans Bug House offers and help you pick the one that’s best for you.

3. Trustworthy Service

You can trust you’ll have an expert pest control technician each time. The Bug House team aims to treat your home with care and quality service every time.

4. Always On-Call 

While we promise to give you the best service around, pests are just that – they’re pests! If they’re still bugging you after we treat your home, we’ll return at no charge and make sure you’re satisfied.