The 6 Craziest Superstitions About Insects

The 6 Craziest Superstitions About Insects

These days, you can find someone who’s superstitious about almost anything. Every time Friday the 13th or Halloween rolls around, we learn more and more of these. But did you know there are superstitions about insects?

We’ve been working with pests for a long time now, and we’ve never seen any of these superstitions to be true, but how do we know they aren’t? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

6 of the most bizarre superstitions about insects broken down:

1. Bees know all. Bees are often associated with productivity and creativity, and there are plenty of different superstitions about them. A Central European tradition requires brides to walk their future husbands past a beehive to determine whether or not he will remain faithful. It is said that if a bee stings him, he will cheat on her. Some believe that if a bee flies around your home or at your window, a visitor will be arriving soon; however, if someone kills the bee, this visitor will bring bad news.

2. Crickets mean lots of luck. Crickets are very good luck, even more so than ladybugs. However, many believe that when a cricket leaves your presence, bad luck will follow.

3. Ladybugs are lucky, too. We’ve all heard that ladybugs are associated with good luck, and that you should never kill one – but there are also superstitions surrounding their spots: some say the number of spots you see is the number of children you will have, while other say it represents how many months of good luck you’ll have or how much money you will soon receive.

4. Don’t forget about the luck of the spider! Even though most people are afraid of spiders and find them rather creepy, many find them to be sources of good luck. Some say that a spider in your home represents good health, wealth, and cleanliness. Many live by the mantra, “if you want to live another day, let the spider go on their way.”

5. Souls live in butterflies. Japanese folklore says that butterflies represent the souls of loved ones. Others believe butterflies symbolize renewal and growth, so to kill one would be very bad luck and could get in the way of this growth.

6. Ant bites do more than sting. Some believe an ant nest near your home is good luck, so they’ll never remove one. However, they say that an ant bite represents arguments and quarrels. It’s safe to say keeping your distance from ants and their homes is always a good idea.

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