The Truth About Murder Hornets

The Truth About Murder Hornets

You’ve probably heard by now: murder hornets are swarming the U.S.! But wait a second… are they really? We’re here to give you the truth about murder hornets. 

What are murder hornets?

The murder hornet is also known as the Asian giant hornet. The murder hornet is native to Asia and is the largest hornet in the world, with queens growing to more than 2 inches long and workers growing to about an inch and a half long. 

How did murder hornets get to the U.S.?

We’re not exactly sure how they made their way to the U.S., but the first detections of murder hornets in North America came at the end of 2019 in Washington State and British Columbia. Nests were eradicated, and scientists are working to discover any other nests to eradicate as well. What does that mean? It means so far, we’re pretty safe, especially down in the south. 

Should I worry about murder hornets?

As of now, no. There haven’t been reports of any murder hornets in the U.S. beyond Washington State, so next time you see something buzz by you, don’t jump to conclusions that it’s the dreaded murder hornet! 

What are the fast facts about murder hornets? 

  • Murder hornets nest underground 
  • Locating nests can be challenging since they’re underground
  • They’re primarily pests of honey bees
  • We can use traps and baits to capture murder hornets and destroy their nests 
  • Their stings can pierce through typical protective clothing that beekeepers wear

Want to know more about murder hornets? You can read the USDA New Pest Response Guidelines here.