Types of Water Bugs You’ll See on the Lake

Types of Water Bugs You’ll See on the Lake

What better way to spend these warm, sunny days than out on the lake with your family? The only downside to floating on the water in your kayak, are the bugs that call the lake their home. The good news is that most of these bugs don’t want to interact with you either, but it’s better that you know what types of water bugs you might see, and how to defend against them.


No surprise here. Mosquitoes are virtually everywhere looking for their next victim to bite. But because mosquitoes love water, you can expect to see them out for a mid-day boating adventure, too. The best thing you can do to prevent bites from these little guys is to properly apply an EPA-approved mosquito repellent every couple of hours.


Did you know that in many cultures, dragonflies are a sign of good luck? These stunning little critters tend to stay close to the water because it’s where they mate and lay their eggs. In fact, their babies live in the water for the beginning of their lives, feasting on mosquito larvae and other water insects. Basically, these are the critters you want to catch buzzing around your boat.

Water Striders

These are the little guys you see zipping across the surface of the water and what seems to be the speed of light. They look like mosquitoes or spiders, but with extra long, skinny legs. Like dragonflies, water striders feed on mosquito larvae living on the water’s surface. So next time you see one zipping by, be sure to say thank you.

Giant Water Bug

These bugs are also known as “toe biters” and unleash a painful bite on their prey. The good news is that humans aren’t typically their go-to snack. Instead, they like to feed on other insects, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Just be sure to pay attention to your surroundings while swimming, and you should be fine.