Unexpected Places that Bed Bugs Could be Hiding

Unexpected Places that Bed Bugs Could be Hiding

Bed bugs live up to their name in that they’re typically found in beds, especially in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, and camp beds. But did you know they can also live in many other areas? They can even be little hitchhikers who travel from your work, school, or other public area to your home via backpacks and clothes. Know these unexpected places that bed bugs could be hiding in order to successfully protect against them and keep your home safe. 

Check these places that bed bugs could be hiding:

  • Books. Look out for black spots on the edges of books. Bed bugs can be found in the binding, fore-edge, and protective covering of books or magazines, especially if you keep them near areas where you rest often. 
  • Luggage. Always check your luggage before you leave your home, once you arrive at your destination, before you head back home, and once you’re home. You can never be too safe when it comes to checking for these guys!
  • Furniture. They prefer sofas and comfortable chairs, especially if this is often where you rest. 
  • Clothing. They prefer crevices and can even be found in pockets. 
  • Shoes. They’ll hide underneath soles and in any other crevice they can find. 
  • Electronics. Bed bugs can find their way into anything with small openings, such as TVs, remotes, phones, computers, and gaming consoles. 
  • Curtains. Pay close attention to curtains you may have near your bed or near other furniture that gets used often. 
  • Backpacks. Make it a habit of checking your child’s backpack regularly for hitchhikers. 
  • Gym bags. Even better than backpacks!
  • Rugs. You can typically find them underneath rugs and at the edges of carpets. 
  • Outlets. Yes, they’ll even hide behind or inside of outlets or switch plates. Can you say cozy?!
  • Wall decor. They’ll camp out behind picture frames, mirrors, and anything else on your walls. 
  • Pet homes. No pet’s bed or crate is safe. 
  • Laundry rooms. This is especially true if they’ve attached themselves to any of your clothing. 
  • Cars. You do a lot of resting in your car, so treat it like any other room in your home — bed bugs certainly do!

Now those are a lot of places! And we’re just scratching the surface (and if you’ve ever experienced an infestation, you know all about scratching!). But don’t worry. We offer the best bed bug removal services around. 

First, we’ll provide a thorough inspection to not only confirm you have bed bugs, but also to determine where they’ve been hiding out. Then, depending on your specific needs, we’ll use a combination of chemical and mechanical means to get rid of them. If you have bed bugs (or even if you think you might), start here. We’ll help you take back your home.