Venomous Spiders in Georgia: Simple Tips to Save a Life

Venomous Spiders in Georgia: Simple Tips to Save a Life

Spiders are a dreaded staple of southern summers, making their way into your homes and yards. People usually dislike these eight-legged bugs, especially if they are venomous. A fun summer day can suddenly be full of anxiety when spiders can be prowling at any corner. There are various types of spiders in the Southeast, and a few of them are venomous. Some of these venomous spiders in Georgia include Brown Recluses, Black Widows, and Brown Widows. The average person may not be able to discern between friendly and venomous spiders, which fuels nervousness around their peak time. 

Although venomous spiders in Georgia may be threatening, people who take appropriate measures can prevent a potentially deadly spider bite. Read below to find out how to protect yourself from a venomous spider bite!

NOTE: While these are some helpful tips that can potentially save a life, it is important to call emergency services as soon as possible if you or someone around you is subject to a venomous spider bite. 

Recognize a Bite

If you haven’t been bitten by a spider before, it might be hard to recognize a bite at first sight. A bite from a spider is easily confused for an average bug bite. Spider bite blisters turn darker than the surrounding skin or appear as bumpy lesions at the site. Once recognizing the bite, it’s vital to look out for these symptoms and seek the help of a medical professional if experiencing them:

  • Headaches
  • Blisters, swelling around the area
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever, sweating, and chills
  • Pain at the site

Take Care of Yourself Outdoors

Avoiding a spider bite can rely on the preventative measures you take outdoors. Reduce the chances of being bitten by spiders (or other unwanted bugs) by using insect repellent containing DEET, a type of insect repellant, if going outdoors. Additionally, the clothes you use while outside can protect you. While venomous spiders in Georgia aren’t just lying around, you may encounter some while working in the yard or garden, or while clearing off spaces spiders love such as garages or woodpiles. While working in these spaces, wearing long sleeves, gloves, and long trousers can keep spiders off your skin. 

Spider-Proof Your Home

A spider-proof home creates an inhospitable environment for unwanted creepy-crawlies. The first step to take is to patch up or seal any cracks and crevices in your home where spiders can crawl in. Additionally, keeping a tidy garage or shed can prevent spiders from making a home out of a cluttered space. Places where firewood, stones, or lumber is stored are havens for spiders. 

If spiders make their way into your home, you can let them know they’re unwanted visitors by removing any cobwebs you see. Vacuuming them up or disposing of them will do the trick. 

Know When to Call the Professionals

Venomous spiders in Georgia threaten residents living in areas with abundant arachnids. Because it is so hard to discern between friendly and unfriendly spiders, Bug House customers trust the experts to handle their eight-legged problems. We are prepared to ease your worries about spiders this summer and year-round with state-of-the-art equipment and insecticides. Contact us today for more information.