What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Squeaky Clean Home?

What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Squeaky Clean Home?

Unexpected creepy crawly cockroaches scurrying across the living room floor will send just about anyone into a frenzy. Most people hate roaches, and rightly so. They are one of the dirtiest bugs and can carry diseases. So why are these little guys so attracted to your squeaky clean home? 


American Cockroaches, also known as Palmetto Bugs, are more attracted to southeastern states, like Georgia (of course), Florida, and Alabama. 

Roaches are sneaky little guys and will creep into any crevices, open windows, or any doors left cracked, so be sure to seal off all entryways! 

Damp Spaces

Roaches thrive off of wet spaces and need moisture to survive. They love dark, undisturbed, wet places, and like you’ve already probably come to know, they will show up in basements, dark cabinets, porches, and under the bed. 

Read more tips here for getting rid of their water sources.  

Food Sources 

Like all living things, roaches need food to survive, but if you can figure out how to cut off their food source then you can get rid of them for good. Even if you are really good about cleaning your counters, picking up crumbs, and making sure food is stored properly, any source of open food is a feasting zone for these guys. 

Make sure you’re storing food in tightly sealed containers. For more tips on getting rid of roaches, click here.  

If roaches are still causing your clean home an issue, give us a call! Our Bug Guys would love to help.