When Does Mosquito Season End in Georgia?

When Does Mosquito Season End in Georgia?

Itchy little red mosquito bites are the absolute worst! Especially if you’re heading into fall, unprepared for mosquitoes. Clients ask us all the time – when does mosquito season end in Georgia? It can sometimes feel like those little suckers will hang out forever in your backyard! Read below for everything that you need to know about mosquito season in Georgia.  

Georgia’s Mosquito Season:

Mosquitoes love warmer climates and the peak of their season is typically June through October in Georgia. But you can almost expect to see these little suckers year-round. The weather that they typically thrive in is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but it all depends on the rainfall and temperature of the current season, so when March or April hits and the weather starts getting nicer, these little guys begin to come out of hibernation and can stick around all the way until November. 

Here are a few tips to fend off mosquitoes year-round: 

  • Kill off their sources – these little suckers love standing water, so make sure to inspect the exterior of your house. 
  • Use fans and light bulbs –  Protect your deck, patio, pool area, front porch, or wherever the party happens at your home in order to help keep mosquitoes from crashing the party.
  • Schedule a treatment – This one requires the least amount of work on your part! Just call a pest control company at 706-979-2536 to schedule a treatment to keep your yard free of mosquitoes all year long! 

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