Why Pests Love Your Attic

Why Pests Love Your Attic

Have you been in your attic lately? Those storage items up there sure can gather a lot of dust in your attic, but dust may not be the only thing you find.

All sorts of critters may be finding shelter in your attic, and here’s why:

Many wasps and yellow jackets love man-made structures and quiet areas, which makes your attic the perfect hideout for them. Your attic is a great dry place for them to nest and stay out of the rain.

Wasp nest







Termites not only love all the wood your attic has to offer, but they also enjoy munching on all the furniture, clothing, and other items you have stored up there (like suitcases!).

Cockroaches can be found breeding here because they enjoy being in tiny crevices where it’s still and silent.

Bats and birds are drawn to your attic because of the easy access they may have through rotted holes or windows that aren’t sealed properly.








It’s important to pay attention to spaces where you don’t spend much of your time. This is where lots of pests like to live, and where a majority of pest problems start. Take care of this area, and you’re well on your way to a pest-free home!

The best way to take care of your attic? Call in the pros. We’ll be more than happy to come out for a free in-home inspection, where we’ll identify the pests you have in your home as well as the solutions best suited for you.

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