4 Tips for Rodent-proofing Your Garage

4 Tips for Rodent-proofing Your Garage

Do you ever wonder what that pitter-patter noise is coming from your garage? Hint: it’s probably an unwanted rodent. 

The garage is one of the most common places for mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents to hang out and seek warmth during the winter months. To rodent-proof your garage, follow these 4 simple tips: 

1. Seal Gaps 

Did you know that the average mouse can fit through just a quarter of an inch in diameter? The number one way critters get into your garage is through open holes and access points. 

Sealing all gaps and holes in your garage is a great way to keep unwanted house guests from getting in. Most holes can be easily sealed with caulk from the store, but if you’re having trouble with larger holes, it might be time to call in the pros! 

2. Declutter 

Rodents need food and water to survive, so it’s important to eliminate all of their sources by decluttering. If you store items in your garage in cardboard boxes, try switching to all airtight plastic containers. These are harder for rodents to get into. 

3. Set Traps

If your garage has had rodent problems in the past or if you suspect that they might be finding their way in for warmth, try setting some traps. For safety ensure that you keep all children and pets away from the garage when traps are set. 

4. Call in the Pros 

If you’re still having problems after sealing gaps, decluttering, and setting traps, it might be time to call in the pros! Just give us a ring (706-309-0881) or reach out to us here and we’ll get your rodent issues under control.

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