6 Pest Control Tips for Apartments

6 Pest Control Tips for Apartments

Apartment living can be a great option if you’re not quite ready for homeownership. Most apartment complexes typically have great management systems that will take care of any problems or issues without costing you a penny. If you’re living in an apartment, you likely have some sort of pest control plan through your complex. However, there are still some things you can do to keep the bugs out when you feel like you could use a little extra protection.

Here are some pest control tips for apartment dwellers:

  1. Deep clean as soon as you move in. You never know who was living in your apartment before you, and you definitely don’t know what kind of pests took over while your unit was empty. A great practice is to deep clean before you begin moving your stuff into your new place, and keep an eye out for leaks and cracks (see below). PS: if you’ve already moved in, it’s not too late for a nice deep cleaning!
  2. Eliminate food sources. Store your food in sealed, airtight containers, and keep your apartment clean! Pesky critters love areas where they don’t have to try too hard to find food, and it’ll be tough to get rid of them if you don’t eliminate their food sources. Ants and cockroaches are big offenders, and they’re the most common pests you’ll find in an apartment. Always clean dirty dishes, take out the trash daily, and keep counters, floors, appliances, and sinks as clean as you can. A good deep cleaning each week is also a great idea.
  3. Check for leaks. Insects need some type of moisture to survive, and even the smallest leaks can give them exactly what they’re looking for. This includes leaky faucets, tiny leaks in pipes, and cracks in your windows that may allow outside moisture in. Do a regular sweep of your apartment, checking for any sources of moisture, and be sure to alert management as soon as possible.
  4. Check for cracks. How do you think those pests entered your home? They likely entered through a small crack or crevice somewhere in the apartment (unless you’ve been leaving the doors open!). Check for gaps, holes, cracks, crevices… anything that a pest could enter through. Keep an eye on windows, doors, and pipes, and again, alert management at any sign of possible entry points.

  5. Stay organized. Pests love dark spots where they can relax undisturbed. Keeping your apartment organized and eliminating clutter can help keep them out. Organize your pantry, cabinets, closets, drawers, shelves, etc., and make sure you dispose of any paper products like newspapers, magazines, boxes, and mail as soon as you’re done with them. Implementing fun organization systems in your apartment can help keep you clean and pest-free, and can even help give you a little more space if your apartment is small.

  6. Communicate with your roommates and neighbors. If you’re the only one taking measures towards eliminating pests in your apartment, you won’t get too far. If you have a roommate, make sure you communicate these steps with them so you’re all making the same effort. If you’re close to your neighbors, find out if they’ve had any recent pest problems. If they have, it’s likely that your unit is susceptible to the same ones, so it’s time to get proactive and prevent them!

Preventing pests anywhere can be tough, but staying on top of it and sticking to the things on this list can help you keep your apartment as clean and pest-free as can be. But if you do find any signs of these troublemakers, put your management to good use and ensure they’re doing all they can to properly prevent and eliminate them.

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