6 Resolutions For a Clean, Pest-Free Home in 2019

6 Resolutions For a Clean, Pest-Free Home in 2019

Want to be more clean, organized, and pest-free in 2019? Yes, it is possible — and it won’t take too much out of you as long as you prepare well now.

Here are a few ways to get started:

1. Start with a deep cleaning. Don’t wait for spring cleaning; take some time now to do a deep cleaning of your home. Do you have some time off of work for the holidays? Take a day or two and devote it to cleaning and organizing your home. It’ll be much easier to maintain throughout the year after one big clean.

2. Make a rule that your family members can only eat in specific areas. This will help contain messes and the pests associated with them.

3. Clean the floor regularly. Crumbs and residue should be removed quickly to prevent pests from taking over. Whether you choose to vacuum or sweep, clean your floors regularly — at least a few times per week.

4. Create a new food storage system. Is your pantry or cabinet unorganized? Are boxes often left opened? Create a new system to keep these places organized at all times so you never have to worry about pests invading and taking your food.

5. Schedule regular foliage pruning. Bushes, trees, shrubs, and flowers near your home can attract bugs and even give them entry points. Trimming these items regularly can help.  

6.Create a chore list for your family. Keeping your entire family on the same page and knowing what days to focus on specific chores will help ensure that no area is being neglected. Make it fun!

We would love to help keep your home clean, organized, and pest-free this year! Let us know what pest questions you have by clicking here. Happy 2019!