How to Kill Bed Bugs FAST

How to Kill Bed Bugs FAST

Bed bugs can be tricky to spot, but if you happened to catch a glimpse of one of these itchy villains, you’re in a better place than most who have a bed bugs problem. Too many times bed bugs infestation go untreated for a long time because people aren’t aware that they have a problem in the first place. But finding the problem is the first step in the right direction. The next step? To get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are our 3 steps on how to kill bed bugs FAST.

Step 1: Get Rid of Hiding Spots

Clutter is a bed bug’s best friend and your pest control professionals’ worst enemy. Bed bugs are attracted to dark crevices cardboard, and clothing laying on the floor. Be sure to get rid of any of this clutter lying around in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and playrooms immediately. 

Step 2: Clean Clothing and Bedding

Bed bugs can easily hitchhike from room to room on your clothing and bedding. As soon as you notice a bed bug in your home, immediately wash and dry them at the highest heat allowed by the item’s manufacturer. Once they’re clean, put them in sealed, air-tight plastic bags and put them in an uninfested room.

Step 3: Call in the professionals. 

Now that you’ve gotten rid of anywhere bed bugs can hide and killed them all from clothing and bedding, it’s time to call in the pros. Many resources out there will tell you that you can get rid of a bed bug infestation on your own, but no matter what types of DIY methods you use, only a pest control professional can truly kill them all. Otherwise, they’ll just keep popping up around the home until your problem ends up bigger than it was before. 

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