Pest Control for the New Year: Bug-Busting Resolutions

Pest Control for the New Year: Bug-Busting Resolutions

If home repairs, cleaning, and organization are on your list of New Year’s resolutions, you’re in good company. Creating a manageable cleaning schedule made it to number 5 on Good Housekeeping’s list of 2023 resolutions. So while we’re all building realistic cleaning and organization plans to keep our homes tidy in the new year, Bug House recommends incorporating these pest prevention tips.

Clean Your Kitchen

When pests enter your home, they’re usually searching for food, and your kitchen is their first stop. To keep pests like roaches, ants, flies, or even rats from invading, you must eliminate their food and water sources. Get into the habit of cleaning your kitchen daily–wrapping and storing food properly, washing dishes, draining standing water or other liquids, sweeping crumbs, wiping down countertops, and storing perishable food in airtight containers.

Secure Your Garbage

Pests of all kinds love trash. The odor your household garbage produces is a chemical signal for bugs and rodents, who are hypersensitive to its scent. As a homeowner, you should establish a daily routine of taking out the trash and securing the lids on your outdoor garbage containers. As an added precaution, avoid overfilling garbage cans and rinse the bins regularly.

Declutter Your Home

A cluttered home offers ample hiding spots and snacking options for bugs. Reduce the clutter in your home by throwing out trash, old papers, and cardboard boxes. Store any remaining items in sealed plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to reduce the appeal for insects like termites and roaches.

Seal Access Points

Bugs, rodents, and wildlife can enter your home through even the smallest openings. You can stop pests from invading by sealing up the holes, cracks, and crevices that serve as entry points. Minor repairs like caulking small gaps or installing chimney caps and vent screens are manageable for most homeowners and may even lower your power bill.

Maintain Your Yard

Outside care is as vital as inside care for pest control. Keep debris, such as branches and firewood, at least 20 feet away from your home to prevent pests from being able to crawl inside. Keep trees and shrubs away from the house: When too close, tree branches give squirrels, raccoons, and other pests a natural bridge to your home. Prune shrubs to keep them at least 12 inches away from your house, and trim branches that overhang your roof. Doing so will not only keep animals away but also protect your property from damage caused by the plants.

Bug House Has Your Back

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