Prevent Common Christmas Tree Pests

Prevent Common Christmas Tree Pests

A cheery, decked-out Christmas tree brightens your home during the holiday season, and there’s nothing quite like the fragrant real-tree scent. Whether you’re the tinsel type or prefer the classic look, there’s one thing no one wants in their Christmas tree: winter pests

Many insects feed on or overwinter in the typical Christmas tree varieties, from Balsam Firs to Pine trees. If you decide on a live Christmas tree, there’s a possibility of bugs living in its branches. This means you could welcome them directly into your home for the holidays. Bug House recommends putting pests on the naughty list.

Inspect Before You Buy

The best time to prevent common Christmas tree pests is before you buy it and bring it into your home. While you’re looking at trees either on the lot or out in the wild, inspect the tree closely. Look for bird nests or any active wildlife within the branches. If you find any, either remove them or pick a different tree. Next, look for signs of smaller pests. Indicators include white flocking on the tree’s branches and needles from adelgids, small aphid-like insects, and brown, walnut-sized egg sacs from larger bugs like the praying mantis. Finally, if the tree is already cut, giving it a few vigorous shakes helps eliminate any pests, nests, or wildlife that could be hiding.

Common Christmas Tree Pests

The most common bugs in a living Christmas tree include scale insects, spiders, mites, parasites, and bark beetles. Pine bark adelgids, aphids, psocids, and scale insects like to feed on the fluids from evergreen trees. If bark beetles reside in your tree, you might notice holes drilled into the tree’s trunk. Trees that housed wildlife nests may still harbor bird mites and parasites, some of which can harm humans. And finally, look out for spiders. Though tree-dwelling spiders aren’t typically harmful to humans, the most dangerous species, like the Brown Recluse and Black Widow, have been known to lurk in houses, so be careful as you pull your holiday decorations out of storage.

Treating Christmas Tree Pests

So, you picked a tree and checked it twice, but you still ended up with bugs? We’ve got your back. First, a warning–do NOT use aerosol pesticide sprays on a live Christmas tree. These formulas are highly potent and flammable and should never come in contact with an electrically-lit tree. Most insects you can bring in along with a live Christmas tree are not equipped to survive indoors. This is great news for you, as these bugs will die quickly. If you notice any smaller insects moving in or around the tree, remove them quickly with a vacuum cleaner or paper towel.

Bug House Has Your Back

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