Sustainable Pest Control

Sustainable Pest Control

When you notice pests around your home, your knee-jerk reaction may be to rush to the store and purchase chemical pesticides. We’ve already discussed the adverse effects of DIY pest control. Store-bought pest control products like sprays and bug bombs contain highly potent–even dangerous–chemical ingredients that can harm you, your family, and your pets if not handled and applied correctly. On a larger scale, these harsh chemical ingredients can have detrimental effects on the environment if not applied using sustainable methods.

The Importance of Sustainability

If pesticides are applied inappropriately or without discretion, they can present substantial risks to human, animal, and environmental health. Toxic pest control methods can cause grass, bushes, and other plants to wither and die. Certain insects help the environment and should be preserved in the pursuit of harmful pests. While toxic chemicals kill everything in their path, eco-friendly pest control methods target harmful insects to avoid killing off every living organism. 

What is sustainable pest control?

The goal of sustainable pest control is to specifically target only the troublesome pest. It utilizes formulas at concentrations that are only toxic to targeted bugs but safe for people and pets. Here at Bug House, we use a specially formulated treatment to target pests while being completely safe for people and pets. Sustainable pest control uses formulas, tools, and techniques that lessen the harmful effects of pest management on the environment. Sustainable pest management is an eco-friendly way to eliminate and control pests. Minimally invasive methods target unwanted insects and rodents while minimizing the impacts on the surrounding species, both plant and animal.

Can pest control be environmentally friendly?

Bug House is passionate about keeping your family and pets safe. Not only that, we utilize minimally-toxic and invasive pest control solutions that effectively eliminate problem pests while lessening the impact on the surrounding ecosystems. When choosing a pest control provider, you want to ensure the company can manage your pest problem without bringing poisonous products into your home or property. Select a pest control company that uses an eco-friendly approach and carefully monitors the potency of their pesticides.

Call on the Experts at Bug House

For more than 30 years, our team at Bug House has been dedicated to providing the best eco-friendly pest control services to Georgia homeowners. Our commitment to quality and safety keeps our customers satisfied and bug-free. If you’re searching for a pest management partner to protect your home, give Bug House a call! Our experts are always ready to get to the bottom of your pest problems and help you kickstart an effective, long-term solution for your home. Plus, our free home inspections include helpful insight and prevention tips from the Bug House pros!

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