Top 4 Spookiest Bugs to Look Out for

Top 4 Spookiest Bugs to Look Out for

Spooky season is upon us. Halloween can oftentimes be associated with spiders, rats, and bats, oh my! To ensure that you have a pest-free Halloween season, here are the top 4 spookiest bugs to look out for, but don’t worry, they aren’t harmful! 


These guys are nonvenomous arachnids. They look part spider, part scorpion with maybe even a little human thrown in there. You can find them all over the world except for in Antarctica and Australia. They thrive off of the warm desert heat. 

House Centipede 

These spooky creatures have 15 legs and can travel up to 1.3 feet per second. That means they are always going to win the game of tag! House centipedes are not dangerous to humans or pets but they do kill unwelcome pests like roaches, flies, and termites. So maybe you should consider letting these 15-legged critters stick around? 

Daddy Long-legs 

These spider-like critters have exceptionally long legs, and although they look creepy, they are harmless. They are extremely old bugs. In fact, they have been around for about 400 million years! Daddy long-legs also have little fangs (perfect for spooky season) but are unable to bite humans. 

Camel Cricket 

Last but certainly not least, the camel cricket. These insects get their name from the hump on their backs and are harmless, but definitely look spooky with their long antennas and wide eyes. Camel crickets are known to be found in damp places like caves, under stones, and maybe you’ve even seen them in your own kitchen…gross! 

Spooky critters are fun to celebrate with the season, but you don’t want any of these guys in your home! Here are some tips on how to have a pest-free Halloween

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