When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Georgia?

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Georgia?

When should you think about starting your mosquito treatment in Georgia? It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re reading this – the answer is now. It’s never too early to start mosquito treatments in Georgia. 

Even though it can feel like these little suckers disappear during the winter months, our Bug Guys also recommend getting a headstart on treatment. Peak mosquito season is typically June through October, but you can also find mosquitoes around Georgia year-round.

Without a doubt, treatment is vital from March to September, but in order to make sure that the summer months are more durable we advise spraying monthly throughout the year.

At Bug House, our experts use a combination of baits and special equipment to apply chemicals to where the mosquitoes live. We offer two different mosquito treatments to meet your needs: 

  1. Monthly: At $60 per month, you can have a mosquito-free yard year-round. 
  2. One-time: At $95, you can have our team come out one time to spray. This service covers ½ acre and is perfect for events. 

Mosquito treatments are also included in our Defender package. You can learn about all of our pricing here. 

Along with calling in the pros to spray, you can try the following at-home methods to keep the mosquitoes at bay: 

  • Use outdoor fans and light bulbs 
  • Kill off their water sources 
  • Scatter citronella candles throughout your deck 
  • Plant naturally-repellent plants (ex: basil, lavender, rosemary, citronella, etc.) 
  • Prioritize lawn care 

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