5 Pest Control Myths it’s Time to Drop

5 Pest Control Myths it’s Time to Drop

We bet you’ve heard more than a few bug myths. These common but untrue ideas typically derive from exaggerations or misunderstandings. We’ve mistaken them for truths. Here are the top five pest control flops to drop:

Myth 1: Bug zappers eliminate mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes don’t care about your fancy bright light–but other bugs do. So while mosquitoes continue to swarm around your yard and your family, the UV light inside your bug zapper attracts every other insect in the vicinity. What’s worse, the consumer bug zappers available to buy in stores rarely have enough power to kill any insects they attract. And we cannot stress this enough; it does not attract mosquitoes. Essentially, these bug zappers have the reverse effect on bugs around your home. Bug House offers mosquito control solutions that are substantially more effective than the store-bought UV zappers–check those out here.

Myth 2: Clean home = no pests.

Having a clean, organized home is great! But it doesn’t mean pests won’t find you (or haven’t already). This is a big misconception for homeowners looking to eliminate infestations. Clean houses are not immune to bugs. Pests invade a home in search of three things: food, water, and shelter. And insects like bed bugs and fleas survive off blood, not the traditional food we worry about keeping sealed.  Let’s be clear—keeping a clean home is an effective preventive measure for deterring future infestations. However, cleanliness alone will not eradicate an existing pest problem.

Myth 3: I can treat a pest issue on my own.

We’re all for empowering you to fix some problems around your home, but DIY pest control is a bad idea. DIY methods and store-bought products can lead to more damaging infestations and greater expenses. Pest control chemicals demand expert handling and application. Your household deserves long-term solutions to pest problems. Professional pest control providers like Bug House evaluate your situation and deliver treatments.

Myth 4: I only need to call a pest control company if I notice a problem.

The most effective pest management should have preventive and reactive components to keep your home pest-free. A good pest control program may start with a reactive treatment after discovering bugs in your home. However, it’s more challenging to eliminate an infestation after it has taken hold. Reacting to the situation is insufficient; it’s critical to continue preventive measures to avoid new infestations.

Myth 5: It’s just a season; these pests will go away soon!

Ignoring a pest problem is a great way to end up with a total infestation. If you find traces of pests in your house, they’ve probably settled in for the long haul. While it may be tempting to hope for the best and assume that any pests will eventually decide to go away, that will only lead to longer-term issues. Instead, take action as soon as possible when you notice mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, or ants to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. When in doubt, call Bug House to assess the situation for you.

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