3 Signs of the Arrival of Fall: Fall Leaves, Pumpkins, and Stink Bugs

3 Signs of the Arrival of Fall: Fall Leaves, Pumpkins, and Stink Bugs

Fall leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin-flavored everything, sweaters, and… stink bugs are a few of our telltale signs that fall is quickly arriving! As the seasons change, different bugs come and go, but one of the most prominent critters in Georgia during the fall months is the stink bug – well known for its foul odor above all other things. 

Stink bugs migrate inside your home in large numbers during the fall and winter months because they hate the cold, as most insects do, and they are seeking warmth. 

At Bug House, we tell our folks to make sure that entry points are always sealed off because these little stinkers love to enter structures in large numbers, making it hard to manage once they are inside. 

A few other ways to make sure that you prevent stink bugs are to replace any damaged windows or weatherstripping, reduce moisture and humidity, and take care of your yard. 

Try this practical tip/ DIY method for additional help: 

  • Fill a pan up with soapy water 
  • Put it in you stink-bug infested room 
  • Position a night light above the dish 

The stink bugs will end up flocking to the light and plopping into the water! 

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If you’re still having trouble with stink bugs, reach out to our pros here or view our services here. We would be happy to help you!